What is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA?”  

Is it too late for me to apply for DACA? People are talking about renewing DACA, but I haven't applied yet.  

Do I qualify for DACA?  

How and when do I renew DACA?  

My work permit expires before August 15, 2014. Can I renew DACA?  

Should I wait for immigration reform?  

How do I get DACA?  

How old do I have to be to apply for DACA?  

I am now older than 31 years old. Can I apply for DACA? Will I be able to renew my DACA?  

How much does it cost to apply for DACA?  

What is the education or military service requirement?  

Which forms do I use?  

What do I have to prove to get DACA?  

What should my application packet have?  

How can I prove my identity?  

How do I prove that I came to the United States before I turned 16?  

If I came in with a visa or parole, how can I prove that I was not in legal status on June 15, 2012?  

How do I prove that I have lived in the U.S. since June 15, 2007 and I was here on June 15, 2012?  

How do I prove I meet the education requirement?  

I’m scared immigration officials are going to deport me or my parents if I apply for DACA. Should I apply?  

I’ve been using a fake Social Security Number. Do I have to tell immigration officials about that?  

Can I use documents that are not in English?  

Should I send original documents or copies?  

Should I make a copy of my application before sending it to immigration officials?  

Where do I send my application packet?  

What happens after I send in my application?  

What qualifies as “in school?”  

How do I figure out if my GED/Literacy/Career Training/ESL program qualifies for DACA?  

I want to get DACA but I don’t meet the education requirement. Is there anything I can do?  

I’ve been in trouble with the police before. Am I disqualified?  

What kinds of crimes disqualify me from DACA?  

I can’t afford to pay $465 to apply for DACA. What can I do?  

I am in one of the categories of people who don’t have to pay the filing fee. How do I ask immigration officials to let me apply for DACA without paying $465?  

I left the country between June 15, 2007 and August 15, 2012. Am I disqualified?  

I have a case in front of an Immigration Judge. Can I apply for DACA?  

I had a case in Immigration Court. Can I apply for DACA?  

What should I do if I get a Request for Evidence?  

What should I do if I get a Notice of Intent to Deny?  

My case was denied but it shouldn’t have been. What can I do?  

I received DACA. How do I get my Social Security Number?  

I’m undocumented but I don’t qualify for DACA. What should I do?  

I have been accused of being connected to a gang. Should I apply for DACA?  

I have been accused of being connected to terrorism or spying. Should I apply for DACA?  

If I move after I send in my application, do I need to tell immigration officials?  

How do I find out what is happening to my DACA application?  

What can I do if my DACA application is taking too long?  

When should I apply for renewal?  

What happens if my DACA expires and I haven't renewed?  

How do I know when my DACA expires?  

Do I need to send evidence with my renewal application?  

Do I qualify for DACA renewal?  

After I got DACA, I stopped going to school. Can I still renew?  

I had trouble with the police after I got DACA. Can I renew?  

I left the United States after I got DACA. Can I renew?  

How do I renew DACA?  

Will I have to pay a fee to renew my DACA?  

I am renewing. Will I have to get fingerprinted again?